French courses

French courses

Our school is situated in West of France, in a village called Montreuil Bellay, famous for its Chateau, its mushrooms caves, its troglodytes and its vineyard.

Our French as a Second Language Program
Course summary
This is a full-time French language course for international students with elementary level French and above. It is designed to improve your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking and has a specific focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. If you already have an intermediate level of French, you will also develop your academic French skills.
Mixed with the courses, we organize visits to some well-known places such as Abbey of Fontevrault where Richard Lion Heart was buried, the Chateaux de la Loire, the mushrooms caves and you will enjoy wine testing as well as our specific gastronomy.

Global simulation (such as Murder-Party-Games) for those who are fluent or advanced and who want to improve their knowledge of the French way of living

3 levels :

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Program :
Arrival on Sunday and aperitif de bienvenue
Installation in your residence
The week will be cut between French courses and visits, Role Playing games
Some examples!
Shopping at the market  where we will buy some meat, fish and vegetable and then creation of the meal with the Chef
Historical vocabulary + visit of one château, or of the Abbey of Fontevrault
Treasure hunt in the village on a special theme
Karaoké of French songs
Discovery of the French Movies and visit to the Futuroscope
And some other numerous subjects that you will enjoy…

Why come to our small village? Because you will really live the way French people live. You will meet French people, you will be able to communicate in French, we will drive you to see some nice landscapes, to visit mushrooms caves, and of course to wine tasting.
We work in a warm atmosphere with the respect of all cultures.


And as we are just at two hours from Paris by train, you will be able to spend a weekend in our capital.

Furthermore, if you have an advanced level in French we organize special session to excite your mind: Murder Party Games.

In small groups: no more than 12
Target students: adults
Calendar: every week from Monday to Friday when we have 5 participants. Students can stay one-two or three weeks.
Tariff: 1200€ for one week per person (with a minimum of 5)
Accommodations: 100€ per day full pension in one of the two hotels of Montreuil-Bellay.

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